Thermocable is proud to announce the launch of its new ProReact EN Digital LHD range, the first and only EN 54-28 approved digital linear heat detection cable available on the market.

The fire alarm and detection industry in Europe is strictly regulated by the European standards and all equipment used within the region must hold EN54 certification.

EN 54-28:2016 Non-resettable line-type heat detectors specifies the requirements and performance criteria of digital (i.e. non-resettable) linear heat detection cable within Europe.

As of yet, there have been no linear heat detection cables approved to this standard…until now.

Thermocable has designed its ProReact EN Digital LHD system to meet the tough criteria and, in doing so, introduces the first and only EN 54-28:2016 approved linear heat detection system in Europe.

A brochure containing more information can be found here and the EN 54-28:2016 certificate can be accessed here.

Thermocable’s approved ProReact EN Digital range will be the first choice of digital linear heat detection in Europe. Please do not hesitate to get in contact here if you have any questions about the equipment or if have immediate requirements for EN 54 approved digital linear heat detection cable.