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Specialist protection at the point of risk.

World leading manufacturer of linear detection cable and monitoring systems.

When immediate detection of temperature change, water leak or security breach is crucial to your organisation, Thermocable has you covered. With over 50 years’ experience, we have designed a full suite of solutions that protect lives, buildings and equipment across the globe.

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Since the launch of Thermocable in the 1960s the company has continually generated new ideas to bring best leading-edge products to market.

Shaped by a 50 year plus history of dedication and attention to detail, technological innovation and an intuitive approach to emerging markets, we’ve earned a first class, global reputation - of which we are justifiably proud. Key milestones in the business have shaped our future direction and development. It’s no coincidence that our ability to innovate and a desire to do things differently set us firmly apart from our competitors.