About Us

Originally a manufacturer of heating cables for the refrigeration and electric blanket markets when the business was founded in 1963, today Thermocable is a world leading manufacturer of linear detection cable and monitoring systems.

This transformation has been driven by our boundless desire to problem solve as well as our fundamental company values – see below. Thermocable is a family owned and operated business and supplies customers from a variety of markets across the globe.

We are committed to making the world a safer place and continue to innovate in high quality, certified linear detection products designed to raise the bar in the industry.

We offer a vertically integrated lean approach through design, development and manufacturing, providing reassurance of a flexible and responsive approach to our customer needs and speed to market – everything that blue chip companies would expect from an IS0 9001:2015 accredited, internationally qualified category solutions provider.

Our Values

These are values that run throughout Thermocable and have become the very culture of our business. By working closely with market leaders we’re continuously challenging, developing and testing to achieve the most cost effective solutions as well as maintaining the outstanding ISO 9001:2015 level of quality across our entire range.

Open Minded Curiosity icon

Open Minded Curiosity

Every day we innovate. Exploring ideas, testing theories, asking the question…What if? It’s what we love. And it’s what we do best.

Tenacity icon


Perseverance in problem solving. Thinking laterally with agile minds to pursue and achieve our goals.

Outstanding Quality icon

Outstanding Quality

A key factor in everything we produce. Whether it’s related to safety, reliability or durability. If it has our name on it, it has to be ‘outstanding’.

Sense of Family icon

Sense of Family

In the relationships we build we instil traditional family values like honesty, trust, support and loyalty. It’s something we extend to everyone we work with, be it employees, customers or suppliers.

Our History


Laying the foundations for half a century of business growth

Thermocable Flexible Elements Limited was founded in 1963, first trading as Thermo-Insulations (Yorkshire) Limited and changed its name to Thermocable (Flexible Elements) Limited in 1978, moving to our current premises at Pasture Lane, Clayton, Bradford in 1980.

Here the foundations were laid to provide longevity as a successful trading entity and a rich heritage of product development and innovation.


Harnessing our home grown engineering expertise

Equipment designed and engineered in-house, delivered the capability to produce heating cables with market leading flexibility, the key requirement for long-lasting electric blankets. As time progressed the manufacture of flexible heating cables became Thermocable’s core competence.

Harnessing this considerable in house expertise led to our association with the innovation, design and manufacture of these cables as demand continued to grow.


Gearing up to export our flexible heating cables

Thermocable began to export flexible heating cables to electric blanket manufacturers in Europe, South Africa and Hong Kong in the late 1990’s, and in 2001 acquired an additional facility to manage increasing demands on the business, especially with the anticipation of exporting heating cables to the USA.

As new markets were being established, it became clear that increased globalisation combined with manufacturers moving production facilities overseas, would lead to the demise of manufacturing electric blankets in the UK.


Addressing the threats and opportunities of globalisation

Realising the manufacturing hub of electric blankets would migrate to China, Thermocable immediately started to investigate business opportunities in China and for three years an office was established in Shenzhen. Prior to 2002, 80% of Thermocable’s production was sold into the domestic market. In 2012 over 80% of its production was subject to export around the world.

This forward-looking philosophy has been key to staying ahead of changes in our marketplaces, and we actively began to seek out ways to deploy our in house technologies to future proof our business, as well as those of our customers.


Signalling an intensive period of R&D and launching linear detection

The business began an intensive research and development programme to identify new cables that could be developed and manufactured from existing technologies and to diversify and penetrate new and more robust markets. The outcome, a suite of linear detection products developed and qualified to international product approvals.

2011-2019 onwards

Enhancing our family of linear detection products

We have subsequently safeguarded our product innovations and approvals with the appropriate patents and trademarks. This has been followed by investment by vertically integrating our supply chain to increase control over product quality and availability. Our manufacturing facility is now state of the art and contains a purpose-built testing laboratory to measure consistency in the goods produced and to further strengthen our product development capabilities.

2019 and beyond

Strengthening Thermocable’s position in the industry through continual product innovation and greater brand awareness

Thermocable continues to raise the bar by launching new products to the marketplace based on internal R&D and customer feedback. We have attracted a strong, diverse customer base through utilising our existing contacts and expanding our network at exhibitions and trade shows.

Thermocable’s ProReact brand in particular has accumulated quick traction in the industry and is now widely recognised across the globe as a leading brand name in linear heat detection.

Looking to the future

A focus on delivering major benefits to our customers

The team at Thermocable continues to grow through the recruitment of skilled and experienced individuals whose values align with those of the business and whose contribution will support the next phase of our international sales and product development.

Benefits of working with Thermocable Flexible Elements Ltd

  • World leading manufacturer of cable based sensing and detection technologies based in the UK
  • We continually generate new ideas to bring best leading edge products to market
  • Our vertically integrated lean approach through design, development and manufacturing processes provides reassurance of a flexible and responsive approach to our customer needs and speed to market
  • Our experienced and technically competent team delivers an innovative approach to product development and emerging markets
  • Internationally qualified category solutions provider

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