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ProAlert Perimeter Security

Constant protection for remote installations
  • Automatically locates the distance of the cable break enabling speedy response
  • 1 or 2 zones of detection cable up to 2,000m each per control unit
  • Control unit can be battery operated or permanently mains power with battery backup
  • Repairable and extendable detection cable

Frequently asked questions about ProAlert Perimeter Security

What is the minimum and maximum lengths of ProAlert detection cable per zone?

The minimum length of ProAlert detection cable per zone is 50 metres and the maximum length is 2,000 metres. Furthermore, each ProAlert control unit can monitor up to two zones of ProAlert detection cable.

What pre-terminated lengths of ProAlert detection cable are available?

Thermocable’s ProAlert detection cable is available in pre-terminated lengths of 5 metres, 10 metres and 25 metres.

What is the continuous operating temperature range of the ProAlert Perimeter Protection system?

Both the detection cable and control unit can operate continuously between -20⁰C and + 70⁰C.

What power does the ProAlert control unit require?

The ProAlert control unit requires either a 3 year li-ion battery or a 18-24VDC power supply. Please note, the battery can be used as a back up power supply if needed.

ProAlert Perimeter Security downloads

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Thermocable ProAlert Brochure ProAlert Perimeter Security

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