Our ProReact Digital and Analogue linear heat detection products have now been installed as part of the training facility at the Fire Service College in Moreton-in-Marsh, England, in conjunction with the Fire Protection Association (the FPA). The installation of a ProReact Digital (with alarm point distance location) and ProReact Analogue system allows engineers and end-users to be fully trained on the installation, operation and maintenance of these linear heat detection products. Each linear heat detection product offers unique advantageous and benefits suited to a wide variety of applications from tunnels to warehouses, power generation and many more.

The ProReact Digital Linear Heat Detection (LHD) cable has been installed in conjunction with our alarm point distance locating (APDL) controller and connected to a conventional fire alarm panel. A short section of digital LHD cable can be activated using a heat gun, triggering the alarm panel. The distance along the cable to the alarm is then displayed when the user presses the switch on the APDL controller.

The ProReact Analogue Linear Heat Detection system is connected via an Apollo Mini-Switch Monitor Module to an Advanced MXPro 4 2-loop addressable panel. Fault, pre-alarm and alarm status are relayed to the panel via the mini-switch monitor module. A 30m length of ProReact Analogue Linear Heat Detection cable is installed as per recommended practices, with a small coil of cable at the far end which can be heated to demonstrate the full capability of the system.

The Fire Protection Association is the UK’s national fire safety organisation. Established in 1946 they have become recognized as an independent and authoritative source of information and advice relating to all aspects of fire safety, risk management and loss prevention. The FPA offer the highest quality research, consultancy, training, publications, risk surveying and auditing services.