ProH2O Remote Monitored Linear Leak Detection - Thermocable
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Flexibility in application

The ProH2O Remote Monitored system offers an innovative way to protect property and possessions without the need to integrate with a building management system. Ideally suited to remote locations, unmanned sites and areas previously considered inaccessible or too difficult to protect, it offers simple, no fuss installation and instant notification of a water escape.

Comprehensive feedback

The ‘M2M’ Remote Communication Module is simple to install and easy to manage. It includes a rechargeable long life battery and offers detection of two zones whereby a single zone of water leak sensing cable can extend to 500 metres. Using GSM/GPRS the Module provides instant notification of a water leak incident, fault within the system and low battery level. A daily heartbeat provides reassurance the system is working normally.

Installation without destruction

The simple ‘plug and play’ installation concept removes the need to damage or deface the existing structure or décor of a property. As the system is not a permanent fixture it can be relocated at any time to an alternative site or property thereby delivering maximum versatility and value.

Extend and protect

The system can be extended by adding ProH20 Sensor Nodes that communicate wirelessly with the ProH20 Remote Communication Module. Furthermore the Module can wirelessly communicate with a ProH20 Output Node that can be used to switch off a valve or switch on a pump in order to directly manage the water leak incident at the source.


    • Cable based detection at the point of risk
    • ‘M2M’ can reduce installation costs and capital expenditure on ancillary equipment and extra labour costs required for a ‘hard wired’ alternative
    • Positively influences customer retention by offering a more comprehensive service through real time monitoring and effective risk management to maximise ‘peace of mind’
    • Responds immediately to an incident by switching off a valve or switching on a pump
    • Not a permanent fixture and can be relocated to a different site
    • Short manufacturing lead time assures product availability and speed to market


      • Protection of high net asset worth items
      • >Historic Buildings and Museums
      • Protection of archives
      • Vacant properties
      • Remote or unmanned locations