ProAlert Perimeter Security - Thermocable
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Keep property safe and secure 24/7

Reduce trespassing, vandalism and theft with Thermocable’s ProAlert Perimeter Security system. Highly reliable, it provides a discreet and accurate way of highlighting the precise location of an attempt at breaking the security and alerts you to it instantly.

Discreet and effective

The system comprises a detection cable and controller which continuously monitor the cables for a break in the circuit. The cable is designed to be simple to fit and has plug-and-play waterproof connectors for easier installation. When there’s an attempt to breach the security the sensor cable will break, which registers in the control unit and instantly signals the alarm.

GPS technology with instant email updates

The constant current used by the sensor cable is so low there’s no risk of interference to any other neighbouring cables. And, thanks to an intelligent location mode, the controller can determine the distance of the break along the cable, accurately pinpointing the location of the attempted trespassing. A combination of integrated GPS and GSM/GPRS or hard wired solution allow the system to email or text you instantly, saving valuable response time.


  • Integrated GPS and GSM/GPRS option or hard wired option
  • Very low EMI cable checking, eliminating interference
  • Low material costs providing cost effective security with cables up to 2Km coverage
  • Automatically locates the distance of the cable break enabling speedy response
  • Short manufacturing lead time assures product availability and speed to market
  • Low installation, maintenance and repair costs reduce total cost of ownership
  • Reliability through design, approvals and 3 year warranty

Typical markets and application for Linear Perimeter Security

  • Construction Sites
  • Major outdoor events / festivals
  • Factory grounds
  • Manufacturing plants
  • Cable theft
  • Remote equipment security
  • Fleet management facilities
  • Remote farms and agricultural vehicle storage