World Leading linera detections

Welcome to Thermocable

When immediate detection of temperature change, water leak or security breach is crucial to your organisation, rest assured Thermocable has you covered. With over 40 years experience, our dedicated, world class teams give you ground-breaking solutions to protect your business and increase process safety.

ProReact Linear Heat Detection

In temperature sensitive environments early detection of an abnormal change is crucial. We’ve developed a range of exceptional linear detection products, which give extensive, continuous coverage.

ProH2O Linear Water Leak Detection

Protecting vital assets, data and property from water damage is a huge concern for businesses. With profits and history at risk it’s a serious issue. But there’s another reason for the instant detection of water leaks.

ProMinder Monitored Thermal Protection

At Thermocable we design and manufacture a choice of monitored trace heating systems. Using constant monitoring, businesses can accurately maintain temperatures critical to their specific industry processes.

ProAlert Perimeter Security

Protecting industrial sites where size is a major source of vulnerability needn’t be a battle. Our perimeter security protection devices offer 24 hour monitoring, 365 days a year.