Under-laminate Heating Mats - Thermocable
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Under laminate Heating Mats

Packed full of impressive features, the underlaminate heating mat is one of our most popular products. Ideal for both wet and dry environments, it’s easy to fit and quickly achieves comfortable temperatures.

A slim product with outstanding performance

Designed, developed and produced onsite, this versatile solution not only distributes heat evenly and efficiently, it uses an ultra low profile wire, limiting the increase in floor height to a minimum. It’s also fully earthed, for optimum safety and the aluminium foil spreads the heat evenly, making sure the flooring stays in prime condition.

Easy to fit any dimensions

Besides delivering rapid heat distribution and eliminating hotspots, the heat mat has a great ‘cut and turn’ feature, so it’s easy to tailor to any room shape. And for added versatility, the mats are available in a range of sizes and power densities.

Manufactured in the UK

It’s also great to know that Thermocable’s underfloor heating systems have been developed and are manufactured by our team right here in the UK. We can offer a quick reliable service with exceptional British quality built in.

Impressive features

• Brilliant in wet and dry areas
• Great ‘cut and turn’ function for a customised fit
• Fully earth protected cable for outstanding safety
• Ultra low profile floor cable minimising floor height
• Integrated foil heating system for efficient, rapid warm and eliminates hot spots
• Can be combined with solar panels for 100% efficiency
• RoHS compliant
• OEM option available

Markets and Applications

Residential and domestic uses for:
• Bathrooms
• Kitchens
• Extensions
• Conservatories