Under Tile Heating Mats - Thermocable
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Under Tile Heating Mats

One of life’s little luxuries made easy

Brilliantly adaptable

Reliable, efficient and cost effective, our undertile or stone heating mats add a little luxury to kitchens, wet rooms and more. With a diverse range of sizes and the perfect choice for refurbishments, our radiant heat mats have become a market leading product.

Super slim and doubly robust

Its design showcases numerous well thought out features. Starting with a super low profile cable, this creates a slim, robust product that keeps the rise in floor heights to a minimum as well as reducing installation costs. The cable is also fixed to either an adhesive or non adhesive mesh for easy fitting. Another great benefit is the specially designed ‘cut and turn’ feature, which allows the mat to be manipulated to fit any unique room shape.

Manufactured in the UK

It’s also great to know that Thermocable’s underfloor heating systems have been developed and are manufactured by our team right here in the UK. We can offer a quick reliable service with exceptional British quality built in.

Impressive features

• Low profile cable ensures minimum rise in floor height
• Can be combined with solar panels for 100% efficiency
• Stronger cable through enhanced materials
• Handy ‘cut and turn’ features allows customisation
• Supply cord located at one end of the mat
• Designed, developed and produced by Thermocable’s UK Development Team
• OEM option available

Markets and Applications

• Residential and domestic uses for:
• Bathrooms
• Kitchens
• Extensions
• Conservatories
• Wet rooms