ProReact VHT Digital - Thermocable
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Reliable Form of Detection

ProReact Very High Temperature (VHT) Digital LHD cable is designed to detect overheating and fires in environments that are normally exposed to extremely high temperatures. The cable has an activation temperature of 230°C (445°F) and can withstand continuous ambient operating temperatures of up to 170°C (338°F). ProReact VHT Digital LHD cable is approved in line with UL521 and FM Class 3210 standards and is fully RoHS compliant.

Tough and Flexible

ProReact VHT Digital LHD cable can operate in high humidity (>90% Relative Humidity) and has a highly chemical resistant outer coating. The cable can also be encased within a stainless steel outer braid for additional mechanical protection without harming the performance of the detector cable.

The outer coating has been developed using a silicone rubber material that allows the cable to maintain its flexibility. This is sometimes not the case with other high temperature linear heat detectors.

Compatibility with Fire Suppression

Effectively manage instances of overheating and fires by combining Thermocable’s ProReact VHT Digital LHD cable with an automatic fire suppression system. Such a combination is ideal for applications in which an immediate response to fires can save lives and money, including vehicle engine bays and floating roof tanks.


UL521, FM 3210, CE, RoHS approved to meet end user specifications

Broad ambient operating temperature range: – 40°C to +170°C (-40°F to +338°F)

Highly chemical resistant and flexible outer coating

Optional stainless steel outer braid for additional mechanical protection

Quickly locate and respond to an incident with the optional ProReact Digital interface Monitor Module (DiMM)

Compatible with Thermocable’s ProReact accessories