ProReact Linear Rate of Change - Thermocable
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Highly sensitive and incredibly robust

The patent protected ProReact LROC system has been specifically designed to detect a leak of liquefied natural gas. The combination of a highly sensitive cable and control unit uses advanced digital signal processing to detect a rapid change in temperature. The nature of its intended application demands the system is sufficiently robust to withstand a range of hazardous environments.

Intelligent set up for easy installation

ProReact LROC is simple to install and designed to fully integrate into any building management system. It continually adjusts to changes in the surrounding environment to maintain a high level of sensitivity. This eliminates false alarms and guarantees a rapid response to an incident.


This patent protected technology offers a versatility and functionality not readily available in LNG facilities. It is designed to enhance existing detection systems and provide an early warning of an abnormal situation. It provides extensive surface area detection with continuous coverage of a maximum length of 153 metres. The cable is also self- restoring after an incident allowing the system to be reset rather than replaced.


  • Patent Protected
  • Qualified for use in hazardous areas (ATEX/IECEX zones 0, 1 & 2; Gas Group IIC; T Class T5)
  • Cable based sensing allows detection at the point of risk
  • Advanced signalling reduces the risk of false alarms
  • Short manufacturing lead time assures product availability and speed to market
  • Low installation and maintenance costs reduce total cost of ownership
  • Reliability through design and 3 year warranty