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The first EN54 approved digital linear heat detection cable

Given the growing importance of fire and life safety across the globe, it is essential that fire alarm and fire detection systems hold the required certifications within relevant jurisdictions. Thermocable is proud to announce the launch of its new ProReact EN Digital LHD range of solutions that have been developed specifically to meet the needs for Europe.

The fire alarm and fire detection industry in Europe is strictly regulated by the European standards and all equipment used within the region must hold EN54 certification.

EN54-28:2016 Non-resettable line-type heat detectors

EN54-28:2016 was approved by CEN in December 2015 and specifies the requirements and performance criteria of non-resettable (or ‘digital’) linear heat detection cable within Europe.

Thermocable has developed and designed its new system that meets this criterion and, in doing so, introduces the first EN54-28:2016 certified linear heat detection system to Europe.

ProReact EN Digital LHD Cable

Like Thermocable’s existing range of ProReact Digital LHD cables, the ProReact EN Digital LHD cable consists of a twisted pair of metal cores, sheathed in advanced temperature sensitive polymers. These polymers soften at a given temperature that brings the cores into contact and triggers an alarm.

The LHD cable is both low smoke zero halogen (LSZH) and UV resistant so it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

The range of activation (or alarm) temperatures currently available include:

  • 78°C (172°F)
  • 88 °C (190°F)

ProReact Digital Sensor Control Unit (DSCU-EN)

Thermocable’s ProReact Digital Sensor Control Unit (DSCU-EN) is an EN54 certified dual zone alarm point distance locating module. It can monitor up to 2,000 metres (6,562 ft) across two zones of digital LHD cable. It contains the popular interlock detection mode from the ProReact Digital Interface Monitor Module (DiMM) that reduces the possibility of false alarms.

ProReact Digital End Of Line Unit (EOLU-EN)

Thermocable’s ProReact Digital End-of-line Unit with test facility has also been certified to EN54-28:2016 and enables users to undertake hassle-free functional testing of the system. Users can verify normal conditions, trouble and alarm functions of a system by simulating a break in the cable or overheat condition.


  • The first digital linear heat detection system to be certified to EN54-28:2016
  • Wide coverage – up to 1,000 metres (3,280 ft) of sensor cable per zone
  • Thermocable’s ProReact Digital Sensor Control Unit (DSCU-EN) can monitor up to two zones of sensor cable
  • Improved testing and maintenance functionality with Thermocable’s ProReact Digital End Of Line Unit (EOLU-EN)
  • Manufactured in the UK and short lead times ensuring quick delivery across Europe
  • Compatible with Thermocable’s range of ProReact accessories