ProReact EN Analogue - Thermocable
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VdS and UL approved resettable line type heat detector

Thermocacble’s ProReact EN Analogue LHD range meets the requirements of EN 54-22:2015 (as certified by VdS) and UL521. The technology has been approved with up to 500 metres per zone for Classes A1I, A2I and BI as part of the EN54-22:2015 approval.

The ProReact EN Analogue LHD range contains three cable variants ensuring the system is well equipped to be used in a wide range of environments. These include:

  • ProReact EN Analogue PVC coated sensor cable (VdS & UL approved)
  • ProReact EN Analogue Nylon coated sensor cable (VdS & UL approved)
  • ProReact EN Analogue PVC and Stainless Steel braided sensor cable (VdS approved)

The ProReact EN Analogue sensor cable does not have to be replaced following an alarm as long as the sensor cable is not subject to a temperature above its maximum recoverable temperature of 125⁰C.

Modbus compatible intelligent fire detection

Thermocable’s VdS and UL approved system has a wide range of available alarm temperatures to suit different environments, all of which can be programmed on the LCD display on the ProReact EN Analogue Composite Control Unit or through a laptop connection. Installers also have the option to select pre-alarm temperatures through the ProReact EN Analogue Composite Control Unit to receive an early notification of an unexpected rise in temperature before a chosen alarm temperature is reached.

The ProReact EN Analogue LHD system can also compensate for ongoing changes in ambient temperature in order to reduce the likelihood of false alarms during operation putting it at an advantage over other linear heat detectors. It is also equipped with a rate-of-rise activation alarm trigger that allows for a response to quicker escalations in temperature around the sensor cable.

Each control unit comes with a Modbus RS-485 output and an inbuilt test feature as standard.

Relatively low-cost solution

The ProReact EN Analogue LHD system was designed to provide an approved, cost-effective and suitable line type heat detector to the European marketplace. The entire range is manufactured by Thermocable in the United Kingdom and can be made ready for shipment across Europe without delay.

Thermocable’s new system is compatible with its range of ProReact accessories.