ProReact Analogue - Thermocable
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Respond quicker

This unique sensor cable and its method of control continuously responds to changes in temperature. The technology offers the facility to programme an early warning pre-alarm as well as the specified alarm temperature. If the temperature surrounding the ProReact Analogue LHD cable reaches the pre-alarm point, the control unit triggers a warning giving the user time to survey the area at risk. Only when the temperature reaches the specified set alarm point will the control unit trigger full alarm.

Accurate alarm activation regardless of the environment

The optional two stage programmable alarm settings make the system and method of overheat detection incredibly flexible and ideal for use in a variety of different environments and applications. The technology automatically compensates for changes in the ambient temperature to maintain the accuracy of alarm temperature as well as offering up to 500 metres of continuous detection per control unit.

Reset and use again

The ProReact Analogue LHD cable is resettable which means it not always necessary to replace the cable after an incident. Once the alarm has been triggered and depending on the severity of the incident the system can simply be reset with minimum disruption and inconvenience.

A choice in the method of control

UL521 Approval has been granted for two versions of control unit. One is a self-contained unit or, for finer control, a version requiring a laptop prevents uninvited system access. Both designs are compatible with any conventional or addressable fire alarm panel or other building management system.


  • UL521 Approved and RoHS compliant to meet end user specifications
  • Reduced overall cost of detection as compared to other Analogue overheat detection systems
  • Open and short circuit detection reduces the risk of false alarms
  • Optional pre-alarm setting allows the user to manage risk more effectively
  • Cable based sensing allows detection at the point of risk
  • Compatible with our range of ProReact Accessories
  • Short manufacturing lead time assures product availability and speed to market
  • Low installation and maintenance costs reduce total cost of ownership
  • Reliability through design, approvals and 3 year warranty