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Suitable and Reliable

The incorporation of ProReact accessories can provide a greater guarantee to the overall performance of ProReact linear heat detection systems. This is most relevant in hazardous environments in which ProReact stainless steel clips and intrinsically safe barrier kits can be employed. Such reliability cannot be upheld when accessories sourced from third parties are used in conjunction with ProReact systems.

The ProReact clips have been specifically developed to comply with the latest requirements detailed in BS 5839-1:2013 and BS 7671:2011+A3:2015. These standards recommend against the use of plastic clips due to the hazards they may pose, especially on escape routes. ProReact clips overcome this hazard as they are available in either Zintec or stainless steel versions. The Zintec clips are suitable for general indoor and outdoor use whereas the stainless steel clips are suitable in environments where the clip may be exposed to harsh chemicals.

Flexible Configuration

Our range of accessories have been designed so that ProReact linear heat detection systems can be best configured to detect a rise in temperature, at the point of risk, in many different applications. We provide a variation of clips, coatings and cable ties to ensure our ProReact systems can best meet end user specifications.

Complete Solution

Thermocable developed a range of accessories so that it can provide customers with a complete end-to-end ProReact linear heat detection solution. Manufacturing and supplying multiple system components from a single source can simplify the specification and procurement process for many end users. Furthermore, all ProReact systems and accessories are accompanied by detailed installation guides and technical documentation to ease installation and maintenance.


  • Compatible with ProReact Digital and Analogue linear heat detection systems
  • Meets BS 5839-1 and BS 7671 requirements
  • Variation of clips and fixings provide users with flexibility in configuration
  • Short manufacturing lead time assures product availability and speed to market
  • Low installation and maintenance costs reduce total cost of ownership
  • Reliability through design
  • Two cable mounting from one clip to support ProReact’s Digital interface Monitor Module interlock mode