ProMinder Standard Monitored Heat Controller - Thermocable
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The ProMinder Standard control unit is designed to work with and further enhance existing trace heat cables. It can be added to an existing heating system to provide a fully monitored upgrade.

Upgrade with the benefits of ProMinder technology

Each ProMinder Standard control unit can monitor a maximum of two heating cables and is compatible with either fixed wattage trace heating cables or self-regulating trace heating cables. The control unit is continuously checking for faults or a drop in temperature below the desired set point.

Monitoring and Integration

If a fault is detected in one of the heating cables the ProMinder Standard control unit will immediately generate an alert signal and automatically switch over to the secondary heating cable. The control unit is compatible with conventional and addressable building management systems and can interface with the ProMinder ‘M2M’ Remote Communication Module if required.


  • Provides the capability to monitor existing trace heating cables
  • Low material costs
  • Short manufacturing lead time assures product availability and speed to market
  • Lower overall installation cost and complexity
  • Reliability through design and warranty
  • Reduces the frequency of maintenance visits


The ProMinder Standard technology can provide an upgrade to all applications where trace heating cables are installed

  • Frost Protection
  • Hot water systems and temperature maintenance systems
  • Process temperature maintenance
  • Temperature control in pipelines, tanks and vessels
  • Snow and ice melting
  • Fire escapes
  • Roof and gutter heating