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In today’s complex technical world companies are increasingly committed to corporate social responsibility, actively publishing their policies including their approach to personal and process safety in the workplace.

Process safety requires that facilities are well designed, operated and maintained with safety front of mind. Personal safety requires that employees conform to the rules laid down to protect their safety whilst at work.

Thermocable works with companies to enhance their policies on personal and process safely through the provision of technologically advanced linear detection products and systems that provide protection under the requirements of the Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE) and Social Performance (SP).

Given the nature of the risks involved in the industry sectors served by Thermocable our range of linear detection products prevents accidents happening and ensures the safety and integrity of both personnel and assets. They immediately detect abnormal conditions, such as heat surges that indicate a fire alert and as a result trigger the immediate action needed to minimise risk to people, buildings and contents.

Thermocable products protect assets and save lives at work