Perimeter Security - Thermocable
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    We are world leaders in the creation of intelligent cable manufacture and design.

Protecting industrial sites where size is a major source of vulnerability needn’t be a battle. Thermocable’s ProAlert perimeter security protection and cable theft devices offer 24 hour monitoring 365 days a year. Using advanced technology we help corporations protect against intrusion, breach of security and theft. The potentially extensive costs of damage caused by criminals targeting construction sites, factory grounds and vast manufacturing properties, are considerably reduced.

Benefits of working with Thermocable

  • World leading manufacturer of cable based sensing and detection technologies based in the UK
  • Internationally qualified category solutions provider
  • Our experienced and technically competent team delivers an innovative approach to product development and emerging markets
  • We continually generate new ideas to bring best leading edge products to market
  • Our vertically integrated lean approach through design, development and manufacturing processes provides reassurance of a flexible and responsive approach to our customer needs and speed to market