Our Values - Thermocable
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    We are world leaders in the creation of intelligent cable manufacture and design.

Our Values

These are values that run throughout Thermocable and have become the very culture of our business.

Open minded curiosity

Every day we innovate. Exploring ideas, testing theories, asking the question…What if? It’s what we love. And it’s what we do best.


Perseverance in problem solving. Thinking laterally with agile minds to pursue and achieve our goals.

Outstanding quality

A key factor in everything we produce. Whether it’s related to safety, reliability or durability. If it has our name on it, it has to be ‘outstanding’.

Sense of family

In the relationships we build, we instill traditional family values like honesty, trust, support and loyalty. It’s something we extend to everyone we work with whether they are in the same building, county or as far flung as China.