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    We are world leaders in the creation of intelligent cable manufacture and design.

World class consultancy for linear detection technologies

Besides creating our own innovations we’ve used our expertise, specialist skills and wealth of experience to create a very unique consultancy approach to providing solutions to our clients. We call it our ‘Solutions’ Service.

We believe our expertise sets the benchmark for standards and innovation the world over. Our inspiring team has a whole range of skills to call upon, from research and development, to a fully equipped test lab, to extensive manufacturing capabilities at our UK site, all enhanced by comprehensive product traceability.

With such impressive facilities we have all the resources we need to work closely with clients to investigate your ideas and innovate solutions to the key industry problems you face every single day.

With a proven success rate in numerous categories we can help you develop an insight or solve a burning business need your industry has. Whether it’s a flexible heating solution, linear heat detection, linear water detection, a thermal protection challenge, or even a linear security application, fill in the contact form with your details and we’ll be in touch.

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