M2M Remote Communication Module - Thermocable
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A joined up approach to remote monitoring

The ‘M2M’ Remote Communication Module is simple to install and easy to manage. It includes a re-chargeable long life battery and monitors two zones that can connect to a combination of ProH20 water leak detection, ProMinder monitored trace heating system, ProReact linear heat detection cable and ProAlert perimeter security. Using GSM/GPRS the Module provides information regarding the status of each zone and the battery level. A daily heartbeat provides reassurance that the system is working normally. Each Module can be managed through the Thermocable web-based cloud platform allowing the end user to set contact information to receive, access and acknowledge status alerts.

New applications

The introduction of the remote monitoring linear sensing technology opens up a world of new applications and benefits. The simplicity of a battery operated ‘plug and play’ installation, combined with instant notification of a problem provides a degree of versatility not readily available with ‘hard wired’ alternatives. This may help to introduce a method of detection into buildings or areas previously considered inaccessible, difficult or deemed too expensive to protect.

Installation without destruction

The simple ‘plug and play’ installation concept removes the need to damage or deface the existing structure or décor of a property. As the system is not a permanent fixture it can be relocated at any time to an alternative site or property thereby delivering maximum versatility and value.

Extend and protect

The system can be extended to provide more coverage by adding Sensor Nodes that communicate wirelessly with the Remote Communication Module. Furthermore the Module can wirelessly communicate with an Output Node that can be used to perform a further action. In the case of ProH20 the Node can switch off a valve or switch on a pump in order to directly manage the water leak incident without delay.

Benefits of this new ‘Internet of Things’ approach to detection and monitoring

  • Can reduce installation costs and capital expenditure on ancillary equipment necessary for ‘hard wired’ alternatives
  • Maximises labour efficiencies by focussing only on the areas identified by real time monitoring as needing attention, in order to utilise existing man power more profitably
  • Low initial investment required to reduce existing and life time maintenance costs
  • Allows for more informed, up to the minute and accurate decisions to be made
  • Positively influences customer retention by offering a more comprehensive service through real time monitoring and effective risk management to maximise ‘peace of mind’
  • In the case of facilities and building management –‘proactively manage an incident before your client reacts to it’