Foil Propagation Heaters - Thermocable
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Soil Warming Cables

From the seed of an idea grew real peace of mind

Simple but brilliant

The in screed heating cable we designed for our under floor heating mats was the inspiration for our soil warming cable. Using this technology the Development Team created a unique, highly durable heat cable that’s totally waterproof.

Safe, reliable and tailored to you

Specifically to use under the soil, the cable is fully earthed for optimum safety. With no termination or connection required at the far end and a range of lengths, it comes into its own when installed in unique shaped propagation cases. All this makes it an incredibly reliable and versatile gardening or landscaping tool bought the world over.

Impressive Features

• Fully earth protected
• Easy installation
• IPX 7 rated, waterproof
• 3m mains lad
• Variety of lengths
• No need to terminate or connect the far end
• Brilliant for unusual shaped propagation benches or cases

Markets and Applications

• Great for market gardens
• Horticultural businesses
• Garden centres
• Show gardeners
• Commercial flower growers