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    We are world leaders in the creation of intelligent cable manufacture and design.

Flexible Heating Cables

Electric Blankets and Therapeutic Heating Pads

Over the last 25 years, Thermocable has pioneered the design and production of flexible heating cables for electric blankets and heating pads. Besides unrivalled expertise, it’s exceptional quality, excellent cooperation and constant innovation which have led us to develop groundbreaking technology. Teamed with unparalleled levels of technical support we’ve become the world leader in our field.

Our strategy is to provide:
• Outstanding quality assurance
• Competitive pricing through lean manufacturing processes
• Constant progression and self development

Thermocable is the global benchmark in the development, design and manufacture of spirally wound flexible heating cables. In house research, development and testing allow our team to work more closely with leading international brand names to innovate new solutions, achieve cost effective products and more importantly, to guarantee peace of mind through extensive experience and unprecedented expertise.

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