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Condensation Pipe Heaters

The simplest way to centrally heat boilers

Avoid frost damage

Designed to stop frost and ice forming in the condensation pipe of a condensing boiler, this simple solution will save boiler breakdowns, loss of heating in the coldest weather and costly call out charges.

A unique design overflowing with benefits

This tiny but innovative heater is simply a flexible heating element with its own integrated thermostat. But it has two really important features. Thermocable’s unique built in Lead Technology eliminates the need for a bulky joint between the cold tail and the heating cable. The result is a seamless, more reliable product that’s incredibly easy to install. Its size and flexibility also make it easy to locate within the pipe.

Extremely energy efficient

Another great feature is the energy conserving thermostat. By automatically switching the heater off when it’s too warm for frost the Condensation Pipe Heater saves energy and is brilliantly cost effective.

Impressive features

• Easy to install and locate
• Switches on and off automatically
• It’s a ready-made unit so you can fit and go
• Built in Lead Technology
• Low running cost and energy efficient
• Protects down to -25°C
• Use it indoors or out
• Locates inside the pipe
• Can also be used as a bespoke fixed wattage heater

Markets and Applications

Versatile enough to cover a range of uses but ideally suited to preventing a build-up of condensation and frost in inaccessible areas.