ProReact Digital - Thermocable
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Rapid Response

The ProReact range of digital linear heat detection cables is designed to trigger a response when a specific temperature is reached. If the temperature surrounding the cable reaches the activation temperature the two cores quickly come into contact and trigger an alarm. These cables are known as “digital” because they are “off” below the activation temperature and irreversibly switch “on” when the activation temperature is reached.

Protect more for less

Every inch of the ProReact Digital LHD cable acts as the sensor providing extensive and comprehensive detection over large areas. It is possible to connect 3,000 metres (10,000 feet) to any typical conventional or addressable fire alarm control panel or building management system providing greater protection than can be achieved using multiple discrete sensors.

Straightforward, Reliable and Compatible

ProReact Digital LHD cable has been designed to be simple to install and extremely reliable thus providing guaranteed protection year after year. Since the cable only responds to an overheat situation it works just as well in noisy, dusty or hazardous environments where other types of detectors may false alarm. Through design, the cable is compatible with any conventional or addressable fire alarm control panels or other building management systems.


  • UL521/FM Approved and RoHS compliant to meet end user specifications
  • Low material costs
  • Cable based sensing allows detection at the point of risk
  • Quickly locate and respond to an incident with the optional ProReact Alarm Point Distance Location Unit (APDL)
  • Short manufacturing lead time assures product availability and speed to market
  • Low installation, maintenance and repair costs reduce total cost of ownership
  • Reliability through design, approvals and 3 year warranty


ProReact Alarm Point Distance Location Unit (APDL)

The FM Approved ProReact APDL unit has been designed to work exclusively with the ProReact digital LHD cables. The unit is located between a single length of ProReact digital LHD cable and a fire alarm control/releasing panel or addressable module. It can display an alarm point up to 3,000 metres (10,000 feet) along the ProReact digital LHD cable. An important design feature of the APDL unit is the uninterrupted operation of the fire alarm control/releasing panel or addressable module regardless of faults that may occur in the APDL unit, such as loss of power to the unit itself. The unit is simple to install and operate.